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Marian Title of the Month

Our Lady of Victories

Feast Day - October 7

The title of Our Lady of Victories dates back to a historic battle between a combined Christian navy and a much larger Turkish navy at Lepanto, Spain in 1571. The Turks had invaded much of Spain and were threatening to overrun most of Europe. It all culminated in a sea battle at Lepanto. Realizing the importance of this moment the Pope, Pius V, called upon all Christians to pray the Rosary for the success of this battle. The Christian forces prevailed, Europe was saved for the Christian Faith and the Turks were pushed back to North Africa. In honor of the victory, the Pope declared Mary the Lady of Victory and declared her feast day to be held on October 7, the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

What's New

All Souls Day Novena enrollments are available at the chapel entrance. Enroll your loved ones in a novena of Masses which begin on November 2.

Nunc Coepi - Nov. 5, 7:30 PM, St. Clement Shrine, Boston

Oblates of the Virgin Mary